Pacquiao vs Bradley Fighter Earnings: Purse Amount

Do you know how much will Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley earn for their June 9, 2012 fight?

Read on to find out each fighter’s guaranteed salary and purse amount.

According to the Nevada Athletic Commission, Pacquiao is guaranteed US $26 million, his highest so far. In his last fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, he made US $22 million while $20 million against Shane Mosley, also in 2011.

Last month, his rival Floyd Mayweather, Jr. set the record for a purse guarantee with $32 million.

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Pacquiao’s purse does yet not include sponsor money or the amount from the pay-per-view profits.

Bradley’s take-home pay is easier to ascertain because he will get a flat $5 million lump sum  fee regardless of the number of PPV buys and revenue generated by ticket gate sales and sponsorships. Nevertheless, it is almost five times higher than his last pay of $1,025,000 vs Joel Casamayor.

Listed below are the official purses to the fighters (in US dollars) in the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight card as reported to the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fighter Earnings Purse Amount


Manny Pacquiao ($26 million) vs Timothy Bradley ($6 million)


Mike Jones ( $105,000) vs Randall Bailey ( $100,000)
Jorge Arce ($300,000) vs Jesús Rojas ($25,000)
Guillermo Rigondeaux ( $103,000) vs Teon Kennedy ($70,000)


Mikael Zewski ($8,500) vs. Ryan Grimaldo ($4,500)
Andrew Ruiz ($2,500) vs. Tyler Larson ($1,200)
Jesse Hart ($4,000) vs. Manuel Eastman ($1,200)
Ernie Sanchez (TBD) vs. Wilton Hilario ($6,000)

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