Pacquiao vs Bradley CompuBox Statistics

While not exactly 100% certain, CompuBox often tells us how many punches are thrown, landed and missed by each fighter in a boxing match.

CompuBox is a computerized punches scoring system run by two operators where each operator watches one of the two fighters and has access to four keys, corresponding to jab connect, jab miss, power punch connect, and power punch miss. The operators key in the different punches as they happen, collecting punch counts and hit percentages along the way.

Supposedly, CompuBox’ purpose is to settle controversies surrounding fights by counting each punch thrown by each of the fighters, and also each punch landed, to provide fight viewers with a final punchstat count and a perception of who should ideally be given the judges’ decision, in the cases where a fight lasts the full distance.

The just concluded Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley fight ended with Bradley winning via Split Decision as rendered by the judges.

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CompuBox reported on Twitter,

Pac outlanded Bradley 253-159 in total punches. [LINK]

Manny landed more punches in 10 of 12 rounds. [LINK]

Total Punches Landed / Thrown

Pacquiao 34% (253/751)
Bradley 19%  (159/839

Jabs Landed / Thrown

Pacquiao 24% (63/258)
Bradley 11% (51/449)

Power Punches Landed / Thrown

Pacquiao 39% (190/493)
Bradley 28% (108/390)

Pacquiao vs Bradley CompuBox Statistics

Here’s the Pacquiao vs Bradley CompuBox Stats Final PunchStat Report:

Pacquiao vs Bradley CompuBox Stats Final PunchStat Report

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