Pacquiao: “Mayweather Doesn’t Want the Fight, Offers $40 Million But No Share of the Pay-Per-View”

“He talks, he says all this, but you know what, he doesn’t want the fight.”

“He offered me $40 million, and no pay-per-view [money]. No pay-per-view. Can you believe that? Would you do that? Come on. What would he say if I offered him $50 million – not $40 million, $50 million – and said ‘No pay-per-view. Take this money and be happy, but no pay-per-view.’ He wouldn’t do it, either.”

“I told him, ‘OK, 50-50 [with the money] and I’ll agree to everything else,’ I told him I would agree to all of the other things he was demanding. Everything. Even the blood testing he wanted, I would do it. But it had to be 50-50.”

Those were Manny Pacquiao’s words during a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole.

After Floyd Mayweather, Jr. called out Pacquiao on twitter, negotiations for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight went heavy last January before it fell apart. Now it seems, because Pacquiao is getting shortchanged in their share of revenue.

Pacquiao offered Mayweather a 50-50 split and the fight is on but the American won’t budge, agreeing instead to fight Miguel Cotto on May 5 and claiming that its is because “Miss PacMan” was ducking him.

Pacquiao said the fight didn’t push through not because of him,

“I want the fight. I’m the one who has wanted this fight all along.”

But that $40 million flat wasn’t nearly fair. Pacquiao said he told his adviser Michael Koncz to offer Mayweather a guarantee of $50 million with the rest of the revenue being split, with 55 percent going to the winner and 45 percent going to the loser.

There was no response from Mayweather’s side, Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao settled for a fight against undefeated WBO Light Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley in June 9.

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