Manny Pacquiao Has a 16th Fight Curse?

Last April, Marv Dumon of wrote this article titled “A bad omen for Pacquiao on June 9.”

In it, Dumon has stumbled on this pattern: every 16 fights after his previous loss, Manny Pacquiao loses again.

This has come true as Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley this June 9, albeit via a controversial split decision.

Manny Pacquiao Has a 16th Fight Curse?

Pacquiao’s last loss before the Bradley fight was to Erik Morales on March 2005… which was 16 fights ago.

The eight division world champion’s first loss in his career was against Rustico Torrecampo on February 9, 1996.

After that loss, he went on a 15-fight winning streak from April 27, 1996 to April 24, 1999 before losing to Medgoen Singsurat… 16 fights after the bout with Torrecampo.

He again embarked on a 15-fight streak without a loss starting with a win over Reynante Jamili in 1999 until Fahsan Por Thawatchai in 2004. The next fight after Thawatchai was his 16th… and yes, you already know that he lost that to Erik Morales.

Here’s Pacquiao’s career win-loss progression after his first loss:





LOSS Rustico Torrecampo 1996-02-09 KO (3rd Round)
1 WIN Marlon Carillo 1996-04-27 Unanimous Decision
2 WIN John Medina 1996-05-05 TKO (4th Round)
3 WIN Bert Batiller 1996-06-15 TKO (4th Round)
4 WIN Ippo Gala 1996-07-27 TKO (2nd Round)
5 WIN Sung-Yul Lee 1996-12-28 TKO (2nd Round)
6 WIN Mike Luna 1997-03-03 KO (1st Round)
7 WIN Wook-Ki Lee 1997-04-24 KO (1st Round)
8 WIN Ariel Austria 1997-05-30 TKO (6th Round)
9 WIN Chokchai Chockvivat 1997-06-26 KO (5th Round)
10 WIN Melvin Magramo 1997-09-13 Unanimous Decision
11 WIN Panomdej Ohyuthanakorn 1997-12-06 KO (1st Round)
12 WIN Shin Terao 1998-05-18 KO (1st Round)
13 WIN Chatchai Sasakul 1998-12-04 KO (8th Round)
14 WIN Todd Makelim 1999-02-20 TKO (3rd Round)
15 WIN Gabriel Mira 1999-04-24 TKO (4th Round)
16 LOSS Medgoen Singsurat 1999-09-17 KO (3rd Round)
1 WIN Reynante Jamili 1999-12-18 KO (2nd Round)
2 WIN Arnel Barotillo 2000-03-04 KO (4th Round)
3 WIN Seung-Kon Chae 2000-06-28 TKO (1st Round)
4 WIN Nedal Hussein 2000-10-14 TKO (10th Round)
5 WIN Tetsutora Senrima 2001-02-24 TKO (5th Round)
6 WIN Wethya Sakmuangklang 2001-04-28 KO (6th Round)
7 WIN Lehlohonolo Ledwaba 2001-06-23 TKO (6th Round)
8 DRAW Agapito Sánchez 2001-11-10 Bout stopped IN Round 6 due to cut on Pacquiao’s eye caused by headbutt.
9 WIN Jorge Eliecer Julio 2002-06-08 TKO (2nd Round)
10 WIN Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym 2002-10-26 KO (1st Round)
11 WIN Serikzhan Yeshmagambetov 2003-03-15 TKO (5th Round)
12 WIN Emmanuel Lucero 2003-07-26 KO (3rd Round)
13 WIN Marco Antonio Barrera 2003-11-15 TKO (11th Round)
14 DRAW Juan Manuel Márquez 2004-05-08 Split Draw
15 WIN Fahsan Por Thawatchai 2004-12-11 TKO (4th Round)
16 LOSS Érik Morales 2005-03-19 Unanimous Decision
1 WIN Héctor Velázquez 2005-09-10 TKO (6th Round)
2 WIN Érik Morales 2006-01-21 TKO (10th Round)
3 WIN Óscar Larios 2006-07-02 Unanimous Decision
4 WIN Érik Morales 2006-11-18 KO (3rd Round)
5 WIN Jorge Solís 2007-04-14 KO (8th Round)
6 WIN Marco Antonio Barrera 2007-10-06 Unanimous Decision
7 WIN Juan Manuel Márquez 2008-03-15 Split Decision
8 WIN David Díaz 2008-06-28 TKO (9th Round)
9 WIN Oscar De La Hoya 2008-12-06 TKO (8th Round)
10 WIN Ricky Hatton 2009-05-02 KO (2nd Round)
11 WIN Miguel Ángel Cotto 2009-11-14 TKO (12th Round)
12 WIN Joshua Clottey 2010-03-13 Unanimous Decision
13 WIN Antonio Margarito 2010-11-13 Unanimous Decision
14 WIN Shane Mosley 2011-05-07 Unanimous Decision
15 WIN Juan Manuel Márquez 2011-11-12 Majority Decision
16 LOSS Timothy Bradley 2012-06-09 Split Decision


So, was Pacquiao a victim of the judges’ incompetence?

Or is he really cursed and that the decision was inevitable?

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