Floyd Mayweather, Jr: “Do I Want The Pacquiao Fight? Absolutely!”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is now singing a different tune.

And finally, we now have reason to be hopeful that the fight everyone wants to see is finally coming true.

At the inaugural press conference held at the Hudson Theatre in Times Square, New York City today for the Mayweather vs Ortiz “Star Power” bout on September 17, Mayweather, Jr. answered questions about a possible fight with Pacquiao.

“Do I want the Pacquiao fight? Absolutely.”

“I want to fight the best they got out there, not just him, the best they got out there. And if he’s on the list as one of the best guys, then absolutely.”

“If that is what the fans want, that is what I want to give to the fans. But it takes one step at a time.”

“I want the fans to know this and everybody who is watching live, Floyd Mayweather Jr. don’t duck or dodge anyone.”

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Watch the full videos below of the press conference as Mayweather, Jr. has other things to say about Pacquiao:

Part 1

Part 2

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