Dionisia Pacquiao Defends Son’s Stand Against RH Bill From Sen. Miriam Santiago

Dionisia Pacquiao Defends Son From Sen. Miriam Santiago

The Pacmom is in fighting mode.

Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of boxing great Manny Pacquiao who also happens to be a Philippine Congressman is enraged with Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago who criticized the boxer over his opposition to the Reproductive Health bill.

In a TV interview, Aling Dionisia or Mommy D as she is popularly known has these to say,

Huwag ang anak ko ang pakialaman niyo. [Ang pakialaman niyo] yung malaswa, yung malaswa!

Ano tingin nila kay Manny, tau-tauhan? Di ba congressman sya?

Para kay Senator Miriam, parang binasura niya ang anak ko. Bakit mababa ang tingin niya sa anak ko? Si Manny, sinusunod lang ang utos ng Diyos.

Noon pa gumagamit si Jinkee (birth control pills), noong bago palang sila mag-asawa. Pero ngayon, wala na.

Ang mister ko, di sya ma kontrol eh… tinuruan sya ng calendar [method]. Ang calendar walang kasalanan ‘yan.

When reached for comments, the usually brazen Sen. Santiago only has this to say,

I’m speechless. That’s my only comment. That’s a silly topic… maghanap na lang tayo ng ibang kalaban.

Image source: Pinoy Ambisyoso

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